Seymour Insights


Seymour Insights is a consulting firm that provides growth-stage tech firms with insights that drive strategic decision making.

My task was to create a brand identity for them that reflected their values. As a consulting firm, they needed to be seen by their clients as being reliable, trust-worthy, and modern.

During our discovery call, the founder of Seymour Insights told me her reasons for choosing the name. First of all, it has strong ties to her home city, Vancouver. And if you ask, any Vancouverite will immediately associate the word "Seymour" with "mountain". The insights she hopes to provide to her clients is similar to having a view from the top of a mountain - when you're up high, you're able to separate the trees from the forest and will be able to better understand the bigger picture.

One concept that jumped out was the idea of topographic maps. Because "Seymour" is so closely tied to "mountain", I didn't want the logo to look anything like a mountain because it would be confusing. This concept also tied in well with another one of Seymour Insight's goals - to give their clients a different perspective (in this case, a bird's eye view) so that they can make informed strategic decisions.

For the wordmark, I chose to mix serif and sans serif with Unna and Open Sans (both Google Fonts). To create the logo, I broke down the letter "S" and used the curves to create the "contours" of a topographic map. This kept the curves consistent within the logo.

Finally, an olive green was chosen as the primary brand colour along with a dark teal as the secondary colour. Blues and greens are very peaceful, calming colours, usually evoking a sense that an entity that can be trusted. A secondary layer to this is that these are also very Vancouver colours, as Vancouver is known for its ocean and mountains.

Stay tuned - project is in progress. More to come!

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